Thursday, September 28

Psychologist gives cognitive and emotion tests on plaintiff


KOTA KINABALU (May 16): A psychologist informed the High Court that she ran cognitive and emotion tests on Siti Nafirah Siman who is suing her former English language teacher.

Dr Noor Aishah Rosli, who is also a registered counsellor, testified that the aim of the tests was to assess the plaintiff’s cognitive and mental wellness.

The witness, who was testifying before Justice Datuk Ismail Brahim on Tuesday, said that the emotional test was made as the plaintiff experienced stress and trauma after the incident, particularly during the time related to academics.

She said the findings from the tests enabled her to conclude that the plaintiff has a low average IQ where she scored 87 while the average is 90.

She also said that the plaintiff experienced emotional distress and slight trauma due to her being behind in her studies.

Counsel Shireen Sikayun, who was representing Siti Nafirah, also asked Dr Noor if the tests, which were carried out in 2019, would still be relevant when the plaintiff’s experiences occurred in 2015.

Dr Noor replied that she took into account the incidents that occurred in 2015 when running her tests.

She added that she had been in her field of expertise for 15 years and in the concept of psychology, when she conducted the IQ test, it would not change even though the incident happened a while ago, while cognitively, it would be different.

“If a person in 2015 the IQ is 75, the IQ would not suddenly jump to 90 in a few years, hence my findings of the plaintiff’s IQ finding and cognitive is accurate and can be used. This can be said about the satisfaction test that I used to measure her emotion that is also still relevant as from our life experiences, it shows that when we experience trauma, sadness and stress, it will stick with a person for a very long time, sometimes for life,” she said.

During cross examination by the Federal Counsel, Dr Noor told the court that she ran the tests in Bangi and Sabah.

She also informed that she was working at CPC International in Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor, which is a private entity.

In her suit, Siti Nafirah has named Mohd Jainal Jamran, Hj Suid Hj Hanapi (sued in his capacity as principal of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taun Gusi), District Education Officer of Kota Belud, Director of Education Sabah, Director General of Education Malaysia, Minister of Education Malaysia and Government of Malaysia as first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth defendants respectively.

Siti Nafirah had filed the suit against the first defendant for his alleged failure to teach the English Language subject to her and her classmates during his assigned periods or timetable for the academic year of 2015.

Senior Federal Counsel Mohd Hafizi Abd Halim and Federal Counsel Mohd Fazriel Fardiansyah Abdul Kadir acted for the defendants.

The trial will resume on August 16.