Over-century-old Siniawan police station to get RM6 mln transformation into museum


Plan shows the proposed layout for the Siniawan Police Museum.

BAU (May 26): The old police station in Siniawan town will be transformed into a police museum at an initial cost of RM6 million.

Serembu assemblyman Miro Simuh said the Sarawak government has approved the proposal to convert the building into the Siniawan Police Museum.

“This museum will be an important landmark as it sits inside the old police station, which was built more than 100 years ago,” he said after the official opening of the new Siniawan police station today.

He pointed out the old Siniawan police station has seen the rule of the Brooke era, the Japanese Occupation, British, and now as part of the Federation of Malaysia.

According to him, the museum would be able to teach the younger generation about the sacrifices made by the police in the olden days to fight for the sovereignty of the state and nation.

“Without the sacrifices from the police, the peace and prosperity that we have today might not be realised,” he said.

The Siniawan Police Museum, he said, will also become a new tourism attraction in Bau and Siniawan town.

“Siniawan town is a historical place as during the 1800s, this was the entry port for trade via the Sarawak River,” he said.

Miro added Siniawan town has gone through ups and downs over the years, especially with the fast development of Bau town.

“Siniawan town had become a ghost town once and luckily due to the initiative from the local communities, the Siniawan night market was mooted and launched in 2010, which saw the reemergence of the town,” he said.

Sarawak police commissioner Datuk Mohd Azman Ahmad Sapri fully welcomed the idea to set up the police museum.

“We have forwarded the proposal to Bukit Aman and the construction is expected to start next year,” he said.

Based on early concepts, the museum will include exhibits and artefacts from the Brooke, British, and Japanese eras.

“This will be the only police museum in Sarawak and can become a tourist attraction in Bau and Siniawan,” he said.

Planning for the museum also involves the Sarawak Museum Department and other agencies for their advice and feedback, he said.

He added the cost to renovate and transform the old police station into a museum will be borne by the state government.