Dr Rundi: Sg Kemena bridge project to be handed over to rescue contractor


Rundi (second left) welcomes the arrival of the Merdeka ride convoy at Sebauh.

BINTULU (June 11): A rescue contractor will be called in to take over the construction of Sungai Kemena bridge in Sebauh, said Minister of Food Industry, Commodity and Regional Development Dato Sri Dr Stephen Rundi Utom.

“The first contractor has already been terminated by Public Works Department (JKR) and now we have identified (a new contractor) and within two months, the rescue contractor will take over so the bridge can be completed,” he said.

Rundi who is Kemena assemblyman said there are other projects yet to be implemented due to the previous Covid-19 situation and labour shortage.

He revealed among the delayed projects in the constituency includes the mini stadium, a church, a mosque and a road in Sigu.

“We do our best to solve these issues, because it’s not that we don’t have money, it’s just that the contractor’s capability also has an impact (on the situation).

“The government has decided to terminate contractors who are unable to complete projects that are now considered sick.

“We need rescue contractors to complete these projects,” he said when met by media after welcoming the Kembara Sarawak Merdeka convoy at HN Corner in Sebauh on Sunday.

He hoped the people would understand the situation and be assured that the projects will resume, even if the government has to spend more resources to rescue the projects.

“In the past, our tender procurement was (focusing on) the lowest, but most of them did not perform, thus JKR has now reprioritised to ensure projects can be delivered and completed,” said Rundi.