Zee Avi promises to surprise fans at Rainforest World Music Festival


Zee fields questions from reporters. — Photo by Galileo Petingi

KUCHING (June 23): Sarawakian singer and songwriter Zee Avi is glad to be back at the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) after her last appearance a decade ago.

She promised that her performance tonight will be a surprise for her fans.

“It’s always so nice to be back in my homeland in Sarawak. I feel like I have not returned for a long time, but I have returned here in around two years ago.

“Last time that I was invited to perform at the festival was 10 years ago, and I never thought that I’ll be back here again, and this time, I have my amazing band consisting of talented musicians, and everything on our set is catered specifically for this festival,” she told a press conference at Damai Beach Resort in Santubong today.

She also confirmed that her hit ‘Kantoi’ will be in her set list saying in Bahasa Sarawak: “Sik sah mun sik ada ‘Kantoi’.” (It will not be complete without ‘Kantoi’).

‘Kantoi’ was one of the singles from her a self-titled debut album released in 2009.

“On new songs, I will be performing one new song out of a batch that I released a couple of years ago, so I think my set is going to be a fun time for the festival-goers and fans,” said Zee, who is based in the United States.

On unforgettable moments at the festival, she said being in Sarawak itself provides her with such an experience.

“My band members, some of them have never been in the state, and they told me that they find this place beautiful.

“With RWMF is such a sacred festival, it is different from other festivals in the world as it features various world music from various countries all over the world,” she added.