Chinese Consul-General makes official visit to Bau


Xing (second left) and Henry (second right) seen on the glass bridge at Tasik Biru. With the two are Voon (left) and Chong.

KUCHING (July 8): The Chinese Consul-General in Kuching, Xing Weiping, was on official visit to Bau on Thursday where he went to several places of interest in the area popularly known as ‘Gold Town’.

Accompanied by Deputy Minister II of Transport Sarawak Dato Henry Harry Jinep, Xing and his entourage went to see the scenic Tasik Biru (Blue Lake) and the Golden Hill Temple.

With a history dating back to 200 years ago, the temple is located on a hillside by, about 80m from the lake.

Having undergone renovation works, the Golden Hill Temple is now attracting many domestic and foreign tourists.

It is informed that local developer Tecktonic & Sons Holdings Sdn Bhd is behind the temple’s renovation, ensuring that this old-world structure ‘would not fade away and disappear in the river of history’.

Among those with Xing were the vice-consul Zeng Haoyao, Bau District officer Constantine Gerard David, and local Chinese community leaders Pemanca Bong Jong Long, Penghulu Liew Chiew Hian and Penghulu Adam Voon.

At the site, Xing observed a large drum and a massive bell on the right side and struck them. He also visited the glass bridge in the vicinity.

Tecktonic & Sons Holdings project manager Freddy Chong was also present at the site to brief the visitors on the progress of the temple’s renovation works and the entire Tasik Biru project.

Covering an area of six hectares with a maximum depth of 100m, Tasik Biru and its surroundings have continued their transformation into becoming a famous historical and cultural area since last year.

Following the transformation works on the area, Tasik Biru has been attracting tourists who come in search of its fame, and is once again becoming a popular tourist destination in Bau, further enhancing the tourism brand image of the district.