Viewed millions of times on TikTok, Sabah tour guide lauded for multilingual explanation to Korean tourists (Video)


The TikTok video shared by user Percutian Bajet Sabah has garnered a whopping 10.9 million views as of 12pm today. ― Screenshot from TikTok/Percutian Bajet Sabah

KUALA LUMPUR (July 19): A TikTok video of a tour guide in Sabah giving instructions to tourists has garnered much attention from local social media users.

The video shared by user Percutian Bajet Sabah on Monday has garnered a whopping 10.9 million views as of 12pm today.

The video lasting one minute and 29 seconds shows the tour guide giving basic and safety instructions to tourists whilst on their way to one of their snorkelling destinations.

The tour guide who started the instruction in Bahasa Malaysia to local tourists then switched his attention to the Korean tourists on board and proceeded to explain the instructions in Korean to them.

Although the instructions were not in perfect Korean sentences, the tour guide can be seen doing his best in explaining as the tourists nodded their heads.

The tour guide was explaining to the tourists on how to properly get into the waters while also explaining that they can ask his co-workers to take photos for them if they wanted to.

The video has garnered over 700,000 likes with over 10,000 comments from local social media users applauding the tour guide for his effort.

“Although his Korean isn’t perfect, the tourists understood him,” commented user Tuan Penasihat.

“I like him. Initiative to learn another language for good communication A++,” commented user Ginger.

“The way he talks is very funny but I respect him because at least he tried to communicate with them, good job,” user Ming03 commented.

Other social media users were also seen poking fun at the tour guide’s accent however many defended him as he got the job done. — Malay Mail

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