Ting: Sports, games good platform to promote healthy lifestyle, foster team spirit


Ting (front second left, front) presents a souvenir to Northern Zone contingent head and director of Pulau Pinang State Museum Haryany Mohammad while Sherrina (left) and Mohd Razami (back second left) and others look on.

KUCHING (Aug 2): The International Museum Day National Sports Championship is a good opportunity for all museum personnel to showcase their talents and skills in various sports and games.

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Datuk Sebastian Ting said the event was also to foster teamwork and spirit of camaraderie among all participants, as well as being a platform to strengthen the relationship between museum personnel, and to enhance collaborations within the museum sector.

“Involvement of oneself in sports and games allows a person to maintain not only his/her physical health but also mental health.

“For this tournament, I was informed that there are 400 athletes divided into eight zones and will compete in nine types of sports and games,” said Ting, who represented minister Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah at the opening ceremony at the Sarawak Multi-Purpose Arena, Petra Jaya today.

“This is in line with this year’s theme for the celebration of International Museum Day which covers the aspects of well-being; physically and mentally.

“I hope that through the sports and games competition, we can apply and improve good culture and practices of healthy living in our society.

“I found that the events contested in this championship are diverse and inclusive where it welcomes the participation of every personnel from various age categories.

“I was informed that we have carrom, dart, congkak, blowpipe, archery, football, sepak takraw, table tennis and badminton,” he said.

“For the Museum Director’s competition, we have bowling, golf and football.

“Surely these sports and games can foster sportsmanship and camaraderie in addition to awakening the fighting spirit among the competing athletes.

“Regardless of the variety of sports and games in this championship, I believe all contingents will show an enormous fighting spirit and sportsmanship to compete in a healthy manner to earn the title of champion,” added Ting.

Also present were Museum Malaysia director Dato Kamarul Baharin Abdul Kasim and his deputy Mohd Razami Hamat, Sarawak Museum director Nancy Jolhi and Deputy Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts permanent secretary Datu Sherrina Hussaini.