‘Rhythms of Borneo’ at La Promenade Mall uncovers Sarawak’s tribes


Bob (left) and At Adau drummer, Luke Wrender David pose during the interview. – Photo by Roystein Emmor

KOTA SAMARAHAN (Aug 6): The ‘Rhythms of Borneo’ workshop at La Promenade Mall here promises a fascinating exploration to Sarawak’s unique indigenous groups.

According to At Adau creative producer Meldrick Andrew Udos or better known as Bob, the workshop has managed to gather art and craft industry players under one roof.

“At Adau hopes to highlight the arts, music, traditions and food of the three tribes of our group members namely the Bidayuh, Iban and Orang Ulu.

“The idea came after we tried to find stories on these three indigenous tribes,” Bob told the reporters at the event today.

Sape makers, tattoo artists, arts and crafts enthusiasts and food entrepreneurs of various ethnic backgrounds came together to join the ‘Rhythms of Borneo’ workshop which was open for any age group, and with free access for all visitors.

Among those involved in the workshop were tattoo artists Jordan Baxx and friends, and also Sape maker Patrick Asau.

The workshop also had Samson Kidau from Padawan promoting and playing the Bidayuh’s traditional musical instrument called the ‘Pratuong’.

Pratuong is a six-stringed bamboo zither often played by the Bidayuh community in upper Padawan and it produces a unique sound, similar to the sound of a gong.

Samson expressed hope that this would give the younger generations some exposure and knowledge on the Bidayuh’s lesser-known musical instrument, as well as to preserve this musical heritage.

“According to history, the Dayak Bidayuh previously did not have gongs in their cultural practice, but only existed after the arrival of the sailors and traders from China who made barter transactions in exchange for other goods and services,” said Bob.

La Promenade Mall, located along Kuching – Samarahan Expressway will be holding more workshops this August 12 to13, and also the Oktoberfest from Sept 14 to Oct 8.