Chef Wan pokes fun at himself, embraces baldness caused by chemotherapy


Chef Wan, who is undergoing chemotherapy, made fans laugh by comparing himself to Mr Magoo, a cartoon character from an American 1960s TV series. — Photos via Instagram/_chefwan58 and YouTube/Retro Cartoons

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 5): Celebrity chef Datuk Chef Wan has sent fans into stitches by cracking jokes about his new bald look, complete with round-rimmed glasses.

“I do look like an ageing turkey,” wrote the 65-year-old, commenting on his photo, which he posted on Instagram yesterday.

“If not, then like Mr Magoo, that cartoon character from TV.”

While most of his hair had fallen out after starting chemotherapy, he still had some remaining, which his friend Qamal helped to shave off.

Rejecting Qamal’s suggestion to use a hat or cap when going out, Chef Wan said that he has more confidence in himself than to be concerned with what others think of him.

“Being botak (bald) now or forever at my age really does not worry me at all,” wrote Chef Wan who was first diagnosed with lymphoma cancer early last month.

“Besides, beauty lies inside, within our soul.”

He added that regardless of how we age or look, it does not change our own attitude, perception of life and how we walk out there.”

Of course, people will stare at you for the first time but if you don’t let that bother you and remain cool, you are able to stay happy, positive and have self-confidence.”

He also compared himself to Mr Conehead, proving that his lovable sense of humour had remained intact in this most trying of times.

His post has garnered over 13,000 likes with hundreds of fans reassuring him that he looks sexy and that not many people can pull off the same look.

“You still look handsome la Chef Wan, easier to go bald,” said one.

“Don’t care one (sic), you’re still our Wan, one and only,” said another.

Fellow chefs also took the opportunity to wish him speedy recovery.

“Amin Chef, asking our dear Lord to keep sending you strength and positivity,” said Chef Sherson Lian, who jokingly commented that there was slight resemblance to Fester Addams.

“I pray that God blesses you with a happy heart always and everlasting strength,” said food influencer Joshua Loh.

“You look macho, Chef.” — Malay Mail