Sarawak, Sabah native organisation calls for stern action against bullies in schools, varsities


Peter John Jaban

MIRI (Sept 8): Cases of aggression and violence among students within and outside schools and colleges should be checked and curbed by the authorities as failure to act on bullying will result in dire consequences for victims, said Gabungan Orang Asal Sarawak/Sabah (Goass) founder Peter John Jaban.

He suggested severe punishment should be meted out to students who slap, hit, punch or kick another student for whatever reason, even if they have been provoked.

He was responding to a recent video which went viral where a Sarawakian university student stood up to a bully and decided to put on boxing gloves and turn the table on the latter, a foreign student, in Petaling Jaya.

The foreigner was given a painful lesson in the boxing match, trying to escape and eventually sent crashing to the floor by a left hook on the chin by the smaller-sized Sarawakian, who told him to learn his lesson and not to be a bully.

According to the post on X by Funnyworld1313, the foreign student allegedly has a history of being a bully and extorts money when drunk.

The angry Sarawakian lectured the floored university mate to learn his lesson as he was lucky to face him instead of others in the street where the latter could end up dead in a confrontation.

Peter said students who bullied and beat up other students should be hauled up and expelled, otherwise it is a good thing to organise an open fight to teach the bullies a lesson.

“I am happy that the Sarawak boy taught the foreign student a good lesson as a warning,” he added.

Peter said victims who are assaulted and beaten up are physically and emotionally scarred and many are traumatised and psychologically affected.

He pointed out that bullies have caused fundamental threats to students’ daily lives in institutions of higher learning, schools, clubs, after-school activities, neighbourhoods, and many public places in Malaysia.

This could force victims to drop out of school and take up arms for self defence due to continuous harassment, name-calling, violence, and other forms of bullying, he added.

He also said many students, especially young girls, have a fear of bullying by college mates and do not know how to stand up for themselves.