Miscreants urinating at gazebo in front of Kapit’s Fort Sylvia


The gazebo, which reeks of urine, is also being used to store items.

KAPIT (Sept 14): A gazebo in front of Fort Sylvia, Jalan Kubu Lama here is apparently being misused as a urinal by irresponsible members of the public.

Joseph Tiong, a regular Kapit Waterfront Esplanade visitor, complained that the gazebo has reeked of urine for around a month.

Tiong said he now avoids the popular resting spot because of the unbearably foul smell.

“The absence of a washroom or public toilet along the whole Kapit Waterfront Esplanade could be why some people chose to just urinate at the gazebo,” he suggested.

According to him, the gazebo was popular with the public for relaxation in the afternoons, especially parents from across the Rajang River from Sungai Seranau and Kampung Nanga Man waiting to pick their children up from school.

He called on the authorities to monitor the area and suggested they erect public toilets there.

He also suggested the authorities place dustbins at strategic places to keep the spot rubbish-free.

A check on the gazebo found it also appeared to be used for storage, there was litter, and the air smelled of urine.