Companies seek potential employees with practical skillset, says expert


Lim (centre) is flanked by Ting and Vijjayandran.

KUCHING (Sept 15): Young people with a practical skillset are highly sought after by employers for their added value and contributions to the development of an organisation, said MyFeat Sdn Bhd founder Kevin Lim.

He said there is a big gap today between what the employer wants and what potential employees can offer.

“We realised that one of the ways we could address this issue is looking at another trend, such as the gig economy.

“So, what MyFeat does is that we are a talent development platform that leverages on practical working experience, so each talent can experience and explore while they’re looking for opportunities,” he said during the Tek Talk KROOM programme by K Media Marketing, which was live on Facebook last night.

Lim, who was guest speaker, discussed the topic ‘How to Enter the New Era of Recruitment and Training’.

He said many organisations and employers are currently grappling with the challenge of recruiting and training employees.

They often cite concerns about high turnover rates, high salary expectations from employees, and differing working attitudes.

“It is more about the expectation gap, that mismatch between the employees and employers, where the employers would have certain expectations, but the employees might not necessarily align with them,” he explained.

In tackling the challenge, Lim said MyFeat provides a platform to acquire practical skills and real-world experience, allowing employees to gain insights into the actual working environment.

“At the same time, this will give the employers the opportunity to test and understand their future employees first before they actually recruit them into their organisation.

“We leverage more on practical skillsets. Generally, I think, everyone can now write the best resume especially with ChatGPT around, but what differentiates them (employees) would be what kind of experiences they had explored.

“The practical skillset is something that can never be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) and this is why we play important roles especially in terms of practical skillsets,” Lim explained.

During the talk, K Media Marketing Sdn Bhd (K Media) general sales manager Pattrik Ting Ching Dong served as the host alongside VYPA Malaysia Sdn Bhd (VYPA) CEO M Vijjayandran Manickavasagar, while NETSTAIRS.Com Inc CEO Dr Ahmad Moradi was the moderator.

Moradi said KROOM could serve as a catalyst to place MyFeat in a position where it incorporates a job fair, connecting young talents with the digital economy and potential employers.

“MyFeat could also learn from the experiences where we can build a close gap between the communications so they (employers) can pick up the right talents for their own needs,” he said.

Lim praised the initiative as the job fair would be accessible to talents regardless of their location.

“With this kind of initiative, everybody from anywhere could come. If they all came, they could just do the interview using KROOM.

“They would be able to coordinate certain job roles and everything through it because from their data, they could measure performance using these (platforms),” said Lim.

Moradi also opined that KROOM should introduce AI into the marketplace as a tool.

He said MyFeat could be a great platform to provide knowledge about the subject.

KROOM is a subscription-based service delivering data clean rooms that could be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing, medical research, financial services, distance learning, tele-health, and legal services.