Wednesday, December 6

Miri Chinese group to hold relevant courses, programmes in efforts to educate public


(From third left) Juliana, Sandy and Ling pose for a group photo with the participants.

MIRI (Sept 17): Miri Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) pledged to hold more courses and programmes as part of its effort to educate the local community and raise awareness on relevant issues such as food hygiene regulations.

MCCCI vice chairman Ling Kie King said that the food hygiene course held on Friday was just the beginning of MCCCI’s effort in recognising the responsibility it holds.

“We firmly believe that knowledge is power, and food hygiene is an issue that touches every one of us, transcending borders and backgrounds. It affects our health, our families, and our community. Through the understanding of best practices in food handling, preparation, and storage; we can safeguard the health and well-being of our loved ones.

“We (definitely) hope the information shared here (in the course) will serve as a catalyst for change in our homes, in our eateries, and in our markets. Each of us has a role to play in this journey towards improving food hygiene and together we can make significant difference,” said Ling.

‘Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri’ (MeSTI) certification workshop under the Ministry of Health’s food safety assurance programme (PJKM) was a collaboration between Miri Health Office and MCCCI.

Ling stressed that Mesti certification aims to ensure that companies fulfil the Food Hygiene 2009 Regulations.

It is also essential for a company to have the MeSTI certification before applying for Jakim Halal certification.

Ling thanked Miri Health Office for their role in making the workshop a success.

The workshop was conducted by speakers Juliana Chong Shiuk Chiun who shared on Mesti certification; and Sandy Shamsi Ahmad who explained the PJKM manual and its practices.

Both speakers are from Miri Health Office’s Food Quality and Safety Unit.

Over 25 participants attended the three-hour workshop at MCCCI chamber meeting room.