Sunday, September 24

Mooncake festival shines light on the importance of family, says Tiang


Ting (seventh left) and others a group photo after the lighting of lanterns.

SIBU (Sept 17): About 1,000 people attended the SibuFM Mooncake Festival at CCK Local Square on Friday night.

Public Health, Housing and Local Government Deputy Minister Michael Tiang said at the event that the Mid-Autumn Festival is a very meaningful day for the Chinese community.

“The moon shines brightly during the Mid-Autumn Festival, an important day when we think of our families and emphasize the importance of family gatherings.

“In addition to admiring the moon, the traditions of this Mid-Autumn Festival include enjoying mooncakes, lanterns walking, and solving lantern riddles.

“These customs have been passed down through generations and are still valued even in the 21st century,” he said in his text of speech read by Penghulu Ting Tien Huat.

He also reminded the children who still have parents to always contact them and strengthen family ties.

“During this festive season, even if we are not with our parents, for those fortunate enough to have living parents, I hope you can take some time to visit or call them so that they do not feel lonely during this holiday,” he said.

The event was co-organised with Nang Sang village security and development committee (JKKK) and seven other JKKK.

Temenggong Dato Vincent Lau Lee Ming, in his speech read by Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) Councilor Kevin Lau, hoped that the event can promote the spirit of unity among the people.

He also reminded the JKKK that they were established to create a safe and prosperous community.

“The committees work in accordance with the government policies to develop and execute various development programmes and activities for the community or township, fostering a highly dynamic, vibrant, and prosperous community or township.

“Furthermore, the committees are responsible for gathering issues affecting the livelihoods of the community or township residents and conveying them to the government or relevant agencies and units for communication and follow-up.

“This is done to formulate appropriate measures to address these issues and ensure that residents of the community or township have access to the resources and conveniences they deserve,” he said.

The programme was enlivened with lantern lighting, dance performances, singing, and lucky number draws.