Parliamentary Services Act proposal receives positive reaction, says Wan Junaidi


Wan Junaidi speaks to reporters during a press conference at the Sarawak International History Conference 2023 on Sept 14, 2023. – Photo by Chimon Upon

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 19): The proposed policy and framework of the 2023 Parliamentary Services Bill which is currently in the drafting stage has received positive reactions from Members of the Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara.

The matter was conveyed by the Dewan Negara president Tan Sri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar today after a briefing on the matter was held yesterday.

He said members of both Houses welcomed the re-introduction of the 1963 Parliamentary Services Act to realise the concept of separation of powers in the country.

“Next, this bill will complement the requirements of the Federal Constitution to clearly dignify the Institution of the Malaysian Parliament which is independent of the Government’s Executive Branch.

“Insya-Allah, we hope this bill can be tabled at the Dewan Rakyat session this October and the briefing session last night gives the Members of the Dewan Negara and Dewan Rakyat an opportunity to get information in advance so that they can cooperate in matters relating to the tabling and debate of the bill in the respective Houses,” he said.

On Aug 29, Wan Junaidi said the implementation of the reintroduction of the Parliamentary Services Act 1963 was now in the second stage of the process of drafting Cabinet papers to obtain approval for the Joint Council of the Dewan Negara and the Dewan Rakyat by the Attorney-General’s Chambers to be distributed to all relevant ministries and agencies before being tabled to the Cabinet.

The Parliamentary Services Act 1963 was introduced to pave the way for the Dewan Rakyat to act as an independent body, run its own affairs, select its staff and control its expenditure but it was repealed in 1992. – Bernama