US-based S’wakian buys tickets to school’s play for three charities in Kuching


Cindy M Chia, the founder of Aspire Psychological in Utah, has purchased tickets to SJFS’ upcoming production, ‘A Story of Ours: Us and Them’ to be given to beneficiaries in three charity organisations in Kuching.

KUCHING (Sept 25): The message of building bridges and breaking down walls that is at the core of St Joseph’s Family of Schools’ (SJFS) upcoming production, ‘A Story of Ours: Us and Them,’ took on a new meaning when US-based Sarawakian, Cindy M Chia, purchased over 30 tickets to be given to beneficiaries in three charity organisations in Kuching.

SJFS in a statement said Chia, a psychologist, therapist and founder of Aspire Psychological, an award-winning mental health private practice in Utah, works with adults and children that need mental health support and treatment.

“She had reached out to the production’s committee members and suggested contributing tickets to be given away as she hoped to make a difference by helping to create meaningful experiences for others.

“She felt that the contribution of tickets would serve as a more personal and impactful way to support not just the production but also as an opportunity for the message to reach a wider audience,” said SJFS.

The three charity organisations that benefitted from Chia’s generous donation are Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, Salvation Army Children’s Home Kuching and Yayasan LaSallian Kuching.

SJFS said Chia hoped that her small donation will bring light and joy in the recipients’ hearts through the school production.

“I did not get much opportunity to attend performances like these growing up as they were sometimes beyond the reach of my family.

“This allows me to gift the opportunity to enjoy one of Kuching’s finest school performances to a greater number.

“I hope that they would enjoy the performance and to always remember to carry and share that light with others as well,” she said.

Students practise their dance moves during rehearsal.

St Joseph’s Secondary School acting principal Father Stanley Goh said SJFS is truly blessed to have so many friends from Kuching and all over the world who believe in what the schools do and who generously support their efforts at education and development.

“Chia’s generosity from halfway across the world echoes the message of our production that building bridges can create a more inclusive community for the good of all,” said Goh, who is also one of the playwrights in the upcoming school production.

‘A Story of Ours: Us and Them’ will be held on Sept 29 and 30 at the Archdiocesan Curia and Cathedral Pastoral Centre (ACCPC), St Joseph’s Cathedral.

It will feature songs and dances by the schools’ acclaimed chamber choir, musicians, dancers and performers. At the heart of it is a drama that explores the boundaries of our societies and current issues.

Tickets for the school production are now available. They can be purchased at the administration office of the St. Joseph’s Private Secondary School.

All proceeds from the school production goes towards the building of a new school block that will house much-needed learning facilities and spaces such as a hall, music room and library.

Those who are interested in the school production may contact 082-414575 or 082-420575 or check out the schools’ production website at for further details.

Generous contributors who would like to support the schools’ building fund can donate via SPay, formerly known as Sarawak Pay, DuitNow or SimplyGiving. The links can be found on the same website.