Azam Young Souls elects new committee for 2023-2024


Azam Young Souls is Azam Sarawak’s youth volunteers group.

KUCHING (Oct 17): Azam Young Souls (AYS), Azam Sarawak’s youth volunteers group, elected a new committee for the 2023-2024 term on Saturday.

Nearly 80 AYS members cast their votes online for the new committee.

In a press release, Fadzim Aiman Jalani, who was elected chairman, said it was a fresh beginning for AYS, which is eager to bring new perspectives, fresh ideas, and enhanced enthusiasm for their responsibilities.

He said it is an exciting time for AYS to contribute to the community and volunteerism.

Deputy chairman Fuad Suip called on all volunteers to work together to raise awareness of AYS and its activities, while attracting more members.

Committee member Mandy Chen Wei Xing said technological advancements would enable communication to transcend geographical boundaries.

“With the help of the internet, I am confident that communication will not be a hindrance in collaborating with fellow committee members,” she said.

Fellow committee member Jordie Jara Julian expressed her passion for supporting projects and initiatives that offer self-development opportunities and education for the younger generation.

She is also committed to planning programmes that have a positive impact on the group’s members.

Outgoing AYS chairman Asyraf Hardy called the AYS committee election results “quite remarkable”.

“They indicated that the majority of key positions are now held by young and newer members within AYS, bringing fresh ideas and contemporary thinking to the forefront,” he said.

Now a full official member of Azam, Asyraf said the outcome showcases AYS members’ commitment to actively engage in a democratic process and express their desire to ensure continuous growth and success within AYS.

Azam Youth Development Committee chairman Mohd Ariff Irwani emphasised the importance of having an organised structure with clear roles for an organisation to move forward.

Mohd Ariff said he looks forward to the group making a difference in the community, particularly in line with Azam’s strategic objectives.

Established in 2012, AYS comprises youth talents in music, dance, film making, visual art, extreme sports, undergraduates, young working adults, and school leavers.

AYS’ next immediate involvement will be at next month’s Youth Assembly, Malaysia Urban Forum 2023, organised by Urbanice Malaysia here.

To join AYS, contact the secretariat on 082-411799 or visit to access the online registration form.