All must work together to counter drug abuse, longhouse folks told


Temenggong Stanley Gramong

SIBU (Nov 19): The issue of drug abuse involving longhouse residents must be taken seriously by all parties, even though the situation is still under control.

Citing the statistics from the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) Narcotics Department, Temenggong Stanley Gramong said the numbers had indicated that in the Sibu region, at least one drug addict came from a longhouse.

“I advise the longhouse chieftains to always supervise their ‘anakbiak’ (charges) so that the problem of drug abuse in longhouses would not continue to spread and become worse,” he told reporters when met during a ‘Meet-the-People’ session at Rumah Joseph Abet in Bawang Assan here yesterday, where Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) Councillor Kevin Lau officiated at the event.

As the region’s paramount head of the Iban community, Stanley pointed out that the problem of drug abuse not only occurred in urban centres.

“This menace has now spread to the rural areas.

“To the parents, always advise and monitor your children. Those whose children are already in drug abuse, do not hide them; instead, seek help for them to recover from the addiction.”

In view of the monsoon season, Stanley advised all residents, especially those living in low-lying or riverbank areas, to always be vigilant.

He also advised parents to never let their young children play in the rivers without any supervision.