Display area only within 3 feet in front of premises, SRDC tells shop owners


Wong (eighth right), on behalf of SRDC chairman Sempurai Petrus Ngelai, accepts the traders’ request from Ting, as others look on.

SIBU (Nov 19): All shop owners in Selangau and Stapang areas are only allowed to display goods within three feet (about 1m) in front of their respective premises.

In giving this reminder, Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) deputy chairman Wong Ching Yong pointed out that a fee would be imposed if the space for the display outside of the premises exceeded the permitted length.

Wong said this was among the points of a discussion held yesterday between SRDC and traders from the Selangau and Stapang areas.

“Other matters agreed upon included the shop owners being prohibited from placing goods or building permanent structures behind their respective premises.

“The SRDC gives special flexibility to premises and shop owners to put live chickens behind the premises for sale only during the week before Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Gawai Dayak, and Christmas celebrations.

“All chickens or live chickens for sale should be kept well and wrapped in newspapers to keep the back of the premises clean.

“Other items are not allowed to be exhibited during that period.”

The traders collectively expressed their agreement with the measures taken by SRDC during the discussion led by Wong and the council secretary, Ng Siang Wei.

Wong added that SRDC and the traders would discuss further during a meeting set for this Dec 7.

“The good communication between traders and the SRDC during the meeting has made the discussion process more harmonious and united.

“The main discussion included the issues of exporting goods and waste management by traders from both areas, aiming to address local environmental issues and provide a cleaner living environment for the community,” Wong said.

The president of Selangau Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Kapitan Ting Hua Chuang, was also present at the discussion.