Unity sports event hailed as platform for state, federal sports ministries to foster camaraderie before Sukma 2024


Yeoh participates in a game of tug-of-war. – Photo by Roystein Emmor

KUCHING (Nov 19): The two-day ‘KBS MYSED Sukan Perpaduan’ event is hailed as a pivotal platform for both Sarawak’s Youth, Sports and Entrepreneur Development (Mysed) and the federal Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) to foster camaraderie ahead of the 2024 Malaysian Games (Sukma).

The event, which was held at Stadium Sarawak, saw officials engaging in traditional sports, including blowpipe, as a means to strengthen ties.

“This is a game we rarely get to play, so pitting Sarawak against Putrajaya is not just about competition; it’s about solidifying the bond between these ministries before Sukma.

“It’s an opportunity to learn grassroots sports – for example, archery, which many of us haven’t tried before,” KBS minister Hannah Yeoh told reporters when met after participating in several of the games prior to a closing ceremony today.

Yeoh (standing front) and Abdul Karim on her right gather for a group photo with participants and officials of Mysed and KBS prior to a closing ceremony here today. – Photo by Roystein Emmor

Regarding Sukma preparations, Yeoh assured that the committee is in place, and a meeting to assess the upcoming year’s needs had been conducted.

“Financially, discussions are ongoing within the committee, with both Sarawak and KBS contributing budgets for the successful organisation of Sukma,” she added.

Meanwhile, MYSED minister Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, echoed Yeoh’s sentiment, stating that the unity sports event involving traditional sports showcases the closeness between the federal and state ministries.

“This camaraderie, witnessed by Yeoh’s participation, is not just for Sukma but a continuous effort to foster relationships between the federal and state authorities,” he said.

On Sukma preparations, Abdul Karim said the state government and their designated agencies are well-prepared.

“Substantial funding has been approved by the Sarawak Cabinet for upgrading facilities and athlete preparation.

“Identified Sukma athletes are currently training abroad in countries like Australia, China and Korea.

“Facility upgrades will commence shortly, aiming for completion just before Sukma in August,” he added.