Road closures in Miri for Christmas parade this Saturday


The Miri Christmas Parade last year. – File photo

MIRI (Nov 29): Several roads here will be closed this Saturday (Dec 2) to make way for the annual Miri Christmas Parade from 4.30pm until the end of the event.

Miri District Police Chief ACP Alexson Naga Chabu in a statement said the parade will start at the Miri City Fan, heading to Jalan Kipas, Jalan Sylvia, Jalan Brooke, Jalan Bendahara, and Jalan Nahkoda; turning into Jalan South Yu Seng, Jalan North Yu Seng, and Jalan Datuk Merpati; and heading back to Jalan Kipas before returning to Miri City.

The roads that will be closed to traffic would be Bulatan Kipas/Jalan Kipas, Simpang Jalan Merpati, Jalan Persekutuan/Jalan Sylvia, Jalan Post/Jalan Sylvia and the Ambank traffic light intersection.

Traffic flow will also be diverted at Jalan Merdu – diverted to Jalan Bintang Jaya 5; Traffic light at Jalan Sylvia A – diverted to Jalan Brooke, Jalan Kingsway and onwards to Jalan Padang; Traffic flow from Jalan Melayu will be diverted to Jalan Cina for Jalan Melayu/Kingsway; while from Kenyalang Roundabout, vehicles will be diverted to Jalan Bendahara and High Street.

At the Jalan Nakhoda Gampar traffic lights, traffic will be fiverted to Jalan Permaisuri while at the Jalan Merbau traffic lights near Mega Hotel, traffic will be diverted to Jalan Masjid.

Alexson reminded the public wanting to attend the Christmas parade to park their vehicles at designated parking lots next to Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Bintang, Miri Indoor Stadium and Miri Open Stadium,

He also urged the public to plan their journey and choose alternative routes to avoid being caught in traffic jams during the road closures and diversions.

“The police also hope that all parties can cooperate and obey the officers’ instructions to ensure that this program runs smoothly.

“Any further inquiries can contact the Investigation and Traffic Enforcement Division of the Miri District Police Headquarters at 085-430479,” he said.