Uggah: RM799.521 mln allocated for basic infra programmes in S’wak


Uggah, who is also Second Finance and New Economy Minister, shows the winding-up speeches for both his ministries.

KUCHING (Nov 29): The 2024 Development Budget has allocated a total sum of RM799.521 million for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development (MIPD), which will allow the ministry to undertake four basic infrastructure programmes, said its minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah.

According to the Deputy Premier, the four programmes to be funded are RM441.755 million for land infrastructure, RM82.781 million for riverine infrastructure, RM259.600 million for government buildings, and RM15.385 million for public buildings.

“This investment in basic infrastructure is a testament to the Sarawak government’s commitment to improve our economic development and public services. We are confident this allocation will positively impact the government’s progress and our state’s prosperity.

“We remain committed to working closely with all agencies to implement these infrastructure programmes efficiently,” he added during his ministerial winding-up speech today.

He said infrastructure development is an essential investment for social and economic advancement, particularly in rural areas, as it fortifies the fundamental approach of the Sarawak government and generates prospects for economic expansion and the well-being of the people.

These investments, he said, demonstrate the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government’s unwavering commitment to improve the liveability and mobility of the rural populace.

On the progress of infrastructure development projects under his purview, he revealed that they are divided into three categories, namely state-funded projects, coastal road network and second trunk road project.

Commenting on the state-funded projects, he said his ministry through the Sarawak Public Works Department (JKR) has been entrusted to implement 592 state-funded projects amounting to RM20.66 billion under the 12th Malaysia Plan.

“There are 107 projects worth RM1.9 billion which have been completed; 117 projects worth RM12.15 billion are under construction; while the remaining 368 projects worth RM6.61 billion are at the pre-contract stage.

“For the information of this august House, 67 out of the 592 projects were newly approved under the 12th Malaysia Plan Mid-Term Review, and these projects are 25 for the new roads and roads to be upgraded worth RM3.2 billion.

“There are also 20 Projek Rakyat worth RM2.6 billion; 11 Rural Connectivity Roads worth RM1.1 billion; six bridges worth RM39 million; one jetty and three wharves worth RM37.8 million; and one government building worth RM2 million,” he said.

Commenting on the coastal road network, Uggah said the network consists of 13 new road and bridge packages, and 29 rehabilitation work packages, valued at RM5.42 billion which is set to provide better access and seamless connectivity along Sarawak’s coastal area.

He said to date, all 13 new road and bridge packages are under construction with expected completion dates ranging from the second quarter of 2024 to the third quarter of 2026.

“As for the rehabilitation work packages, 17 out of 29 have been completed as compared to 11 packages reported in the last DUN sitting.

“The additional six completed packages are Lundu/Sempadi/Selang (7.6km) worth RM11 million; Persisiran Triso/Melebu/Pusa (9.1km) worth RM13 million; and Pusa/Sesang Section 1 (17.8km) worth RM14.4 million.

“There are also the Sungai Nai/Tanjung Gelang (12.7km) worth RM25.1 million; Matu-Igan (12.9km) worth RM21 million; and Tanjong Kidurong/Kuala Suai/Kuala Niah/Kuala Sibuti/Bakam (12.3km) worth RM9.8 million,” he said.

For the Second Trunk Road Project, Uggah said it consists of 20 projects with a total value of RM5.58 billion, while 12 projects are at various stages of construction.

Among them are the new Batang Samarahan Bridge including a 9km dual carriageway road; Batang Samarahan–Batang Sadong (13km) Dual Carriageway Road; Batang Sadong-Batang Lupar/Sebuyau Road; Batang Saribas Bridge No. 2; and Batang Saribas to Roban (Interchange) Road.

There are also projects such as the Sebuyau-Lingga Road; Sungai Lingga Bridge; the road connecting Sungai Lingga Bridge Approach to existing Lingga-Sri Aman Road; the upgrading of major existing roads in Sri Aman town; Batang Lupar Bridge No. 2; Batang Lupar to Betong (Interchange) Road; Ulu Paku/Ulu Kota Link Road; and the upgrading of the existing Ulu Paku Road (Betong-Pakan Road).

These 12 projects, according to him, are scheduled for completion from as early as the third quarter of 2024 to the second quarter of 2028, and the remaining eight projects are at various pre-contract stages.

“All these projects are expected to commence by 2024,” he said.