Signify paves the way for sustainable lighting solutions


Iva Lee, the Commercial Channel Leader of Signify Malaysia.

EXPLORE innovation and excellence with Signify Malaysia, formerly known as Philips Lighting, a leading provider of advanced lighting solutions. With a history dating back to the 1930s, Signify has significantly contributed to Malaysia’s progress. Beyond mere illumination, Signify’s commitment to shaping the future of lighting involves a blend of technology and sustainability.

Signify facilitates a smooth transition to IoT-based, smart and connected lighting, offering long-term financial benefits and supporting global energy-conscious movements. As urban areas expand, Signify leads in transforming environments into eco-friendly spaces.

Committed to sustainability, Signify achieved carbon neutrality by 2020, actively contributing to landfill elimination. The innovative 3D-printed luminaires, made with recyclable materials, demonstrate their sustainability commitment, promoting complete recycling. Moreover, Signify’s dedication extends to harnessing solar energy, exemplified in their cutting-edge solar lighting solutions. By integrating solar panels and advanced battery storage, they not only illuminate spaces efficiently but also exemplify their commitment to a greener future.

Signify’s lighting solutions go beyond illumination, creating environments that foster optimal plant growth with their horticultural lighting. These solutions reduce water and soil requirements, combat harmful infections, and increase crop yields, demonstrating efficiency and sustainability.

What makes Signify unique? Beyond sustainability, Signify delivers innovations that balance eco-friendly principles with practical customer needs. This results in a harmonious blend of low maintenance and reduced costs, offering tangible benefits within two years of investment.

The Philips EcoSet Smart Sensor Control solutions epitomise environmental friendliness, emphasising energy efficiency and customer savings. Using reliable sensing technologies, this advanced system operates seamlessly without software or network support. Tailored for various industries, these smart lighting solutions cater to specific needs in office spaces, store chains, parking areas, commercial displays, and industrial warehousing.

“At Signify, we envision solar lighting as a transformative force in East Malaysia’s infrastructure. Despite geographical challenges in off-grid areas, the abundant natural resource – the Sun – becomes our advantage, making solar lighting a beacon of sustainable progress,” Iva Lee, Commercial Channel Leader of Signify Malaysia, emphasises.

“In illuminating the path forward, solar lighting emerges as a powerful contribution, harnessing the equatorial advantage for a brighter and more resilient East Malaysia.”

Navigating the intricacies of transportation infrastructure, road lighting in urban areas requires diverse illumination to manage traffic flow, enhance safety, and promote cost efficiency. Opting for smart LED street lighting is a cost-effective and sustainable solution for cities. Melaka, a city steeped in heritage and history, has embraced these smart lights, transforming into a smart city.

With Signify’s Interact features, the Melaka state government can remotely access data from the luminaires, reducing manual labour, cutting costs, and saving time and energy while maximising sustainability with a wide range of products that include LED street lights, powered by Interact IoT system.

The recent opening of the first Philips professional lighting concept store in Sarawak.

Even before opening their first Philips concept store in Sarawak and soon planning to open up in many capital and significant states in Malaysia, Signify has been in works to  start illuminating the streets of an educational institution in Sabah, that has been dim and dark at night, potentially compromising the safety of students and staff. The good news is that Signify has addressed this concern, ensuring a brighter and safer environment for everyone at the institution.

Other than that, business owners prioritise optimising their most crucial assets—their people—and recognise the impact of the working environment on morale and productivity. Upgrading to connected lighting, such as the new Interact Pro system, allows for automated and personalised light settings, enabling energy savings and aiding sustainability goals. This wireless solution seamlessly integrates with Interact Ready luminaires and lamps, providing a scalable and efficient smart lighting journey for SME customers. The system comprises three tiers, each tailored to address specific needs. Moreover, it is fully scalable, ensuring a simple upgrade as business requirements evolve, progressing from smart to super-smart.

This innovative system seamlessly integrates with our Interact Ready luminaires and lamps, providing a direct point-for-point replacement for conventional lights.

Surpassing the limits of traditional lighting solutions, Signify Malaysia stands out as a shining example of innovation and sustainability.  They have made significant contributions to the safety of educational institutions in Sarawak and have taken the lead in transforming urban spaces into eco-friendly environments.

Signify’s dedication to excellence and sustainability is evident. Their use of advanced technologies, such as the Philips EcoSet Smart Sensor Control solutions and the Interact Pro system, demonstrates their forward-thinking approach to lighting that aligns with global energy-conscious movements. As a leader in the industry, Signify not only provides illumination but also shapes the future of lighting by finding a perfect balance between cutting-edge, eco-friendly innovations and practical customer needs.