21 boys from Taman Sukma joins free mass circumcision programme


Sharifah Hasidah dousing the boys with cold water before their circumcision. – Photo by Nur Shazreena Ali

KUCHING (Feb 11): Twenty-one boys participated in a free mass circumcision programme at the Ikhwanul Islam Mosque in Taman Sukma here today.

Semariang assemblywoman Datuk Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman Ghazali, who officiated the ‘Sunathon Perdana’ programme, said it is aimed at children from the low income  (B40) group families who are residing in Taman Sukma area.

“Programme like this is very much welcomed. The state government has been supportive of the community development programme, which is why I’m here this morning to give my moral support to the children undergoing the circumcision procedure.

“With that, I want to congratulate the Committee or the Village Security and Development Committees (JKKK) Taman Sukma for holding such a programme,” she said at the officiating ceremony.

At the same time, Sharifah Hasidah also urged  the community to utilise the newly launched Ikhwanul Islam Mosque building by regularly organising religious activities, besides congregational prayers.

She said the activities should involve all parts of the community from young to old especially for social cohesion.

“I want to see more people come in here not only to perform their religious obligation but also to attend other community activities. We must organise more religious activities, not only for the elderly but also the young ones.

“Besides religious activities, we can also make it a place to establish and foster a good relationship among our Muslim brothers and sisters here,” she said.