Abandoned house in Miri destroyed in fire


Bomba personnel double-checking the house to prevent reignition of the fire.

MIRI (Feb 12): An unoccupied single-storey terrace house in Taman Tunku here was destroyed in a fire around 8pm last night (Feb 11).

Miri Fire and Rescue (Bomba) station in a statement said that it received a distress call on the incident at 8.12pm before deploying a team of six firefighters to the scene.

When they arrived at the scene at 8.23pm, the operation commander reported that there was indeed a fire which had been extinguished by neighbours, it said in the statement.

Based on the information from neighbours, the house has been abandoned for more than 20 years.

The operation ended at 9.02pm after Bomba personnel ensured that the situation is safe.