No evacuation in Kuching following two days continuous heavy rain


APM personnel monitoring flood-prone areas in Kuching. – Photo from Ukas

KUCHING (Feb 12): Persistent heavy rainfall over the last two days here has resulted in increased water levels in various low-lying areas.

The Civil Defence Force (APM) monitoring the situation indicated that water levels in the Rantau Panjang Village area have risen by up to three feet, according to a Sarawak Public Communications Unit (Ukas) report.

Six houses with 43 residents were affected but no evacuation was carried out yet at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, the situation in the Kampung Sinar Budi Baru area is still safe, with water levels decreasing.

Anyone with information about the flood-affected areas can contact the numbers 082-252940 or 082-252941 for prompt assistance.