People from all walks of life attend S’wak Transport Minister’s Chinese New Year open house in Miri


Members of the public took the opportunity to have their photo taken with Lee.

MIRI (Feb 12): As the vibrant celebrations of Chinese New Year envelop communities nationwide, the spirit of unity and cultural appreciation finds resonance in the heart of government leadership.

This year, Sarawak Transport Minister Dato Sri Lee Kim Shin, embraced the opportunity to extend warm wishes and foster inclusivity by hosting a Chinese New Year open house since Sunday.

The event, held at Dato Permaisuri Hall in Permyjaya, Miri, attracted people from all walks of life who partaken this merry-making festivity, experiencing firsthand the essence of Chinese culture through various activities and culinary delights.

Throughout the open house, guests were treated to captivating performances such as traditional lion and dragon dances, as well as melodious musical performances.

The event also served as a platform for fostering unity in the spirit of Malaysia Madani, in promoting mutual understanding among all races.