Kelab Wushu Kuching Elite enjoys fruitful outing at Perak championship


Kelab Wushu Kuching Elite athletes celebrate their achievement after the end of the competition.

KUCHING (Mar 27): Kelab Wushu Kuching Elite enjoyed a fruitful outing at the Perak Wushu Championship held in Ipoh from March 23 to 24.

The 13-member team managed by Benny Chong and coached by Kelab Wushu Kuching Elite president cum head coach Lydia Ling brought home two gold, five silver and four bronze medals.

Hong Wu He delivered the gold medals in the Boys Group B 42-style taijiquan and 42-style taijijian.

The team silvers were won by Hong Wu Kang in the Boys Group B gunshu, Derek Chong Jia Cheng in Boys C 24-style taijiquan and 32-style taijijian, Jayson Chong in Boys Group C nandao and Janessa Chong Ming Zheng in Girls Group C 24-style taijiquan.

The bronze medalists were Cherlyn Hong Jia Hui in the Girls Group B jianshu and qiangshu, Teo Gee Soong in the Boys Group C taijiquan and Chai Jia Juin in Girls Group C basic changquan.

Meanwhile, the team also secured fourth placings through Hong Wu Kang in Boys Group B daoshu, Alicia Ng Xin Wei in Girls B nanquan and nangun.