SCC’s Kuching Craft Bazaar out to boost local economy


Stalls showcasing authentic Sarawak handicrafts at the Kuching Craft Bazaar, located outside the iconic Sarawak Steamship Building.

KUCHING (March 31): The Kuching Craft Bazaar, organised by the Sarawak Craft Council (SCC), marks a significant milestone following the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

According to SCC manager Suriya Charles Buas, the three-day bazaar at The Sarawak Steamship Building on Kuching Waterfront, which concludes today, is aimed at bolstering the economic sustainability of the local craftspeople, ensuring their invaluable contributions would always thrive in the community.

“SCC also has plans to expand the Craft Bazaar to other towns, covering all divisions and districts across Sarawak.

“We also hope that we can make this a regular occurrence, allowing us to continuously showcase and support our talented artisans,” he told thesundaypost here.

Batik Linut textiles showcased at the Kuching Craft Bazaar.

Adding on, Suriya encouraged the youths to become more involved in Sarawak handicrafts, thus ensuring the preservation and continuation of this rich cultural heritage.

“SCC aims to witness the proliferation and elevation of Sarawak’s handicrafts to align with the state’s vision.

“This includes enriching the vibrant tourism market that serves as the cornerstone of Sarawak’s economy,” he added.

Rattan woven handbag for sale at the Kuching Craft Bazaar.

The Kuching Craft Bazaar features 26 booths offering Sarawak handicrafts made by the local craftsfolks.

Among the items sold are products made from rattan and beads, pottery pieces, batik clothing, musical instruments like ‘tapi’ (Kayan-Kenyah string instrument) and electric ‘sape’ (traditional Orang Ulu lute).

A variety of electric Sapes’ available for purchase at the Kuching Craft Bazaar.

Additionally, the SCC showcases handicrafts exclusive to Sarawak, including the innovative ‘Batik Linut’ textile and the intricate ‘keringkam’ embroidery.

Throughout the three-day bazaar, SCC also runs batik ‘canting’ and beading activities for the participants.

Abdul Malik guiding participants in mastering the art of Batik Canting.

“These activities involve students from Sekolah Seni Malaysia Sarawak (SSMS),” said Suriya

The batik ‘canting’ session is led by batik artisan Abdul Malik Adenan, while the beading activity is guided by beading expert Angela Johiam Jitui.

Beaded accessories available at the Kuching Craft Bazaar.