KDCA Council of Elders lodges police report against Facebook post


Left to right: OKK Edna Majimbun, Datuk Steven Beliku, Datuk Stephen Sondoh, Dr Benidict Topin, James Sitawin, OKK Kumin Gabpai and Edward Tee.

PENAMPANG (April 3): The KDCA Council of Elders has lodged a police report against a post on the Suara Anak Sabah S.A.S. Facebook page.

Its chairman, Datuk Stephen Sondoh, when met at the Penampang police station, described the post by an individual posting anonymously as going against the call for stronger unity and harmony amongst the multiracial community of Malaysia by the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong XVII Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar.

He alleges that the perpetrator played with the issue of race and religion, showing a deep disrespect for Christians in Sabah to the extent of telling the Christian communities in Sabah to leave the state.

“Not only that, the person also belittled the historical symbol, the Keningau Batu Sumpah or Keningau Oath Stone by calling it a pagan stone and calling for its destruction,” said Stephen.

“I am beyond appalled by what was written, since Sabah was built by our rich multiracial and multireligion communities. We have been richly endowned with friendship and respect all these years but suddenly this is being attacked by a cowardly and irresponsible personality who opted for anonymity while attacking our peace and harmony, calling for strife and hatred,” said Stephen.

He reminded that they will leave no stone unturned until the perpetrator is brought to justice and be a lesson for others who try to stir disunity in the State.

“An anonymous identity can still be traced and we urge the police to find out who the perpetrator is and bring him or her to justice,” he said.

Stephen also explained that the Keningau Oath Stone was not a pagan stone and was instead a monument erected to commemorate the merger of the British North Borneo (now Sabah) with Sarawak and Malaya to form Malaysia.

“It is a significant historical event in Sabah and in Malaysia,” he reminded.

Carved on the stone are promises freedom of religion in Sabah; the Government of Sabah holds authority over land in Sabah native customs; and traditions will be respected and upheld by the government. In return, the people of Sabah’s interior pledge loyalty to the government of Malaysia.

“The stone serves as a symbol of the promises made by both parties to protect the rights, autonomy, and special privileges of the indigenous peoples within the framework of the Malaysian federation. While the stone may hold cultural and spiritual significance for the indigenous communities, it is not associated with pagan beliefs or practices,” said Stephen.

“The post made by this anonymous person is provocative and could potentially threaten the security of the people.”

“The KDCA Council of Elders wants the matter to be investigated by the police and the perpetrator brought to justice,” he reiterated.

Also present were advisor KDCA Council of Elders, Dr Benidict Topin, KDCA Council of Elders secretary James Sitawin, treasurer OKK Edna Majimbun, and members Datuk Steven Beliku and OKK Kumin Gabpai.