Lambir village folks press authorities to solve flood woes


Frankie (seated, second left) and Johnis (standing centre) together with other residents of Kampung Tembawang Tugung Batu.

MIRI (April 3): Three families from Kampung Tembawang Tugung Batu, Lambir are weary of recurring floods and demand concrete solutions from the relevant authorities to prevent such woes.

According to them, the houses and surrounding areas often face severe flooding during heavy rain, leaving them frustrated.

“We have been urging relevant authorities to take proactive measures to address the problem and had submitted formal requests since 2021.

“It’s frustrating when newly bought electrical appliances and furniture are ruined whenever there is flood. It is very costly to replace them every time flood hits the area,” said farmer Johnis Bakit when met yesterday.

Meanwhile, assistant village head Frankie Ngang said the local authorities need to enhance and consistently supervise activities, especially involving drainage systems maintenance and clearing of waste and debris.

He said the significant elevation of the road level due to the Pan Borneo highway project has affected the three families’ houses.

“The houses were originally less than five metres away and located adjacent to the main road. Thus, due to the elevated road level, residents are exposed to uncontrollable water spill-over during rainy days.

“The issue of flood reoccurrence is simply because of neglected maintenance,” he claimed.

He further added that the villagers have already complained on numerous occasions via verbal or even text messages to various parties, but their complaints seemed to fall on deaf ears.

“During every flooding incident, the residents also experience constant power outages. At the same time, the villagers are also seeking the authorities’ help to build a road divider and flood barrier for the safety of the residents.”

Frankie also expressed hope for the relevant authorities to review the issue at hand and seek ways to address them immediately.