Sabah Umno will make new ‘fulfillable’ offer – Bung


Bung speaking to reporters during the press conference.

KOTA KINABALU (April 3): Sabah Umno will make a new ‘fulfillable’ offer to Sabahans in the next state election.

Its chairman, Datuk Seri Panglima Bung Moktar Radin, insisted that the offer can be fulfilled if the party wins the election, and takes over the state government.

He said this when asked about the party’s strategy to face the Sabah state election, which was considered by many as the determinant for the survival of Umno.

“Politics needs to have the right strategy, and with the right timing, God willing, we will be able to (win). Firstly in this politics, we are dealing with the humans. Any party that can win the people’s hearts to support their candidates and party, then that party will win.

“That’s why we will make a new offer and this new offer I confirm will indeed be able to be fulfilled unlike many other parties who do not fulfill theirs,” he said during the breaking of fast ceremony with the media on Tuesday night.

According to Bung also, the condition of the people in Sabah is currently in a bad shape, especially in facing the month of Ramadan with water shortage, bad roads and frequent power outages.

“The people see the GRS leaders often making announcements of state government earning income of billions of ringgit and also a budget surplus, but there are still few job opportunities.

“People see that the current state government likes to make announcements, left, right, front and back without stopping. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor recently announced that the state government has allocations to improve water treatment plants throughout Sabah.

“These water treatment plants can be fixed, but what about the water pipes? If the water treatment plant has been repaired, but no water coming out from the tap, this does not mean anything. In fact, non-revenue water is increasing.

“So things like this should be well planned by the state government to ensure that the people of Sabah receive what the people of other states in Malaysia receive. People are now in a difficult situation. You announce projects worth billions, but the people are still suffering,” he added.

During the press conference, Bung also said that the party had identified potential candidates to contest in the 23 constituencies in the coming state election.