Security concerns, lack of info reasons for reluctance to register for Padu


Christopher Clancy

KUCHING (April 3): Concerns about potential misuse or leakage of personal information and lack of familiarity with the central database hub (Padu) contribute to the reluctance to register.

Christopher Clancy, 40, who works in human resource, deemed it unnecessary to register for Padu as he believes the government has other numerous avenues to collect individuals’ information.

“Personally, unless it was made mandatory by law, I don’t see the need to register as there are many other channels for our government to collect individual information,” he said.

Christopher is cautious to register for Padu due to concerns about third-party involvement and data theft, emphasising the need for a robust promotional campaign to highlight its benefits and security.

“It may be suggested to set up booths or hold events for the public to gain information on Padu before registering, where queries can be answered on the spot by official government personnel,” he said.

Nur Qaisara Irdina Abdullah

Meanwhile, self-employed Nur Qaisara Irdina Abdullah, 30, said her decision to not register for Padu stems from her lack of understanding about the system.

Similar to Christopher, she also harbours concerns on potential exposure of her personal information.

“I prefer not to provide my personal information on Padu,” she said.

Aloycious Rijanie

Another who did not register for Padu is cashier Aloycious Rijanie, 22, who said he is unfamiliar with the system.

“I’m genuinely not aware regarding the implementation of this system,” he added.

Tifanie Isabela

Receptionist Tifanie Isabela, 32, also expressed her uncertainty regarding Padu due to the numerous negative rumours she has heard.

“I’m hesitant about Padu because of all the negativity I’ve heard from others.

“There hasn’t been any circular mandating us to register for it, and I believe the Padu team should inform the public so they would know more regarding this system”, she said.