Versatile artiste Jaafar Onn dies


News of Jaafar’s death was confirmed by his adopted son Mohamad Hanif Hashim, through a WhatsApp voice message. – Photo from

KUALA LUMPUR (April 3): Versatile artiste Jaafar Onn died at Hospital Sultan Idris Shah Serdang at 11.30 am today. He was 73.

News of his death was confirmed by his adopted son Mohamad Hanif Hashim, through a WhatsApp voice message.

“Assalamualaikum, I regret to inform that Papa has passed away a while ago,” he said.

The news of the actor’s passing was also shared by his close friend Haiza Hanafi, who is also a celebrity, on her Facebook page today.

“Innalillahiwainailaihirojiun…Goodbye, Papa Jaafar Onn. I bear witness to all the good deeds he did. The knowledge he imparted and the sustenance he shared. Grant him a place in your heaven, Ya Rabb…Alfatihah…,” she said in the posting.

The media had previously reported that the veteran host and actor’s health had deteriorated to the point where he needed a wheelchair to move around.

Yesterday, Jaafar, whose full name is Jaafar Onn Awang, was reported to be in critical condition after experiencing rectal bleeding and having a low haemoglobin level.

Mohamad Hanif, when met by reporters at the hospital, said his father died of a heart attack while undergoing an endoscopy procedure this morning.

“The doctor told me that the procedure was risky due to my father’s heart condition, but he had to do it because of the bleeding,” he said.

According to Mohamad Hanif, his father sought medical attention at a clinic due to low blood pressure and non-stop rectal bleeding, which might have been a result of long-term painkiller consumption.

“He started taking the painkiller for his knee pain. It was during last year’s fasting month that he found out about his heart problem, which also caused swelling in his legs.

“The rectal bleeding might have been caused by a stomach ulcer. He was supposed to have follow-up treatment last February, but he couldn’t make it due to prior commitments. At that time, my father also felt that his condition was improving,” he said.

Jaafar Onn’s remains will be brought to his family residence and laid to rest in Tanjung Gading, Muar, today.

Meanwhile, Haiza described Jaafar Onn not just as a close friend but also as a mentor in the entertainment industry, particularly in hosting.

Singer Salwa Abdul Rahman said that the actor was known for his generosity, often extending alms, especially to orphans.

“When it came to food, he was always generous. When I first started singing, Abang Jaafar (Jaafar Onn) would always prepare meals for me,” she said.

Starting his career as a cook around 1973, Jaafar Onn later established himself as a versatile artiste, showcasing his talents as an actor, host, and singer.

The Muar-born artiste made his debut in the first telefilm titled Lagenda Lela Manja and later starred in a range of dramas and films, including Cili Padi, XX-Ray, Hotel Mania, Chef Jo, Bintang Hati, and 18 Puasa Di Kampung Pisang. – Bernama