Gamuda Scholarship seeks East Malaysian students


Yayasan Gamuda head Lim Hui Yan (front row, sixth left) in a group photo with the year 2023 scholars.

“MY current situation is not my destination” is a mindset that Pagie Lau Ting Ying has held firmly to from her youth, enabling her to overcome obstacles in her academic and career path in engineering.

Armed with big ambitions, the student from Miri, Sarawak, applied for the Gamuda Scholarship in 2022 and charted her destiny in Mechanical Engineering at Universiti Malaysia Pahang. After graduating and joining Gamuda Engineering, Lau now champions innovation and digital transformation. “My expertise in Building Information Modelling (BIM) is to enhance efficiency and accuracy in project delivery,” said Lau.

Technologies is the future of construction and engineering. Constantly pushing the envelope in integrating advanced technologies, Gamuda harnesses BIM to develop more innovative projects – reducing cost, ramping up productivity, increasing quality and flexibility, and becoming more sustainable.

Being a Gamuda scholar has shaped Lau’s outgoing personality.

As these technologies become more prevalent across an evolving construction industry and all economic sectors, the demand for skilled professionals like Lau is fast increasing. In fact, Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor, recently expressed the state’s target of 42% of students in STEM subjects by 2025 to enable the younger generation to secure high-value jobs. Separately, Sarawak Deputy Premier, Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan, highlighted the importance of up and coming sectors like renewable energy to attract more investments.

“We believe that diverse talent is essential to creating solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. The Gamuda Scholarship aims to develop strong STEM capabilities and a digital-ready AI-skilled workforce that are key to our nation-building efforts,” said Ts. Lim Hui Yan, Executive Director, Gamuda Engineering and Head of Yayasan Gamuda. Lim was a recipient of the scholarship herself back in 2008.

The inflating cost of living and high tuition fees put a damper in the dreams of deserving students from lower-income families of obtaining university qualifications. For Nurul Hikmah binti Rumaini, a Gamuda scholar from Beaufort, Sabah, this breakthrough resonates deeply: “Coming from a background where many students are unable to pursue their studies due to financial constraints, including my siblings, who had to forgo their dreams to support our family, I am deeply committed to empowering others.” The Universiti Teknologi MARA student is part of the latest cohort, receiving her scholarship last year to undertake a Bachelor of Mass Communications (Hons).

Nurul Hikmah’s parents were unable to continue their studies due to financial reasons, which fires her up all the more to champion equitable education.

Inclusivity is a core principle of the Gamuda Scholarship’s mission to foster unity and opportunity. It is mirrored in the recipients, which include students from the Orang Asli communities, as well as from rural areas in Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu and Kelantan. “By levelling the playing field, more deserving students from the B40 communities will have greater access to educational aid to achieve their dreams,” said Lim. The Gamuda Scholarship has transformed the lives of 640 students, empowering them to pursue their dreams at top universities. Last year’s RM20 million investment supported students primarily from B40 and M40 families. This year, Gamuda increased that commitment to RM30 million, reaching over 120 deserving students.

Joseph is involved in the Counseling and Psychology Club at his university.

Providing more than just financial aid, the Gamuda Scholarship brings leadership training and job placements, including opportunities to work overseas. Many promising young talents have moved up the value chain and are now helming board and senior management positions. It also offers a solid mentorship programme.

Beyond academic excellence, Gamuda scholars are well-rounded individuals who actively participate in community initiatives and extra-curricular activities. “Receiving the Gamuda Scholarship has alleviated my burdens. Instead of worrying about my financial affordability, now I can focus on more meaningful personal growth and serving my community. I’m involved in the Counseling and Psychology Club in university, which runs Disability Empowerment campaigns. Being Kadazan, I’m also interested in the Orang Asli initiatives that Gamuda runs in Borneo,” said Joseph Majanil, a scholar from Kota Kinabalu. Joseph is undertaking a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours (Counselling Psychology) at Universiti Malaysia Sabah. “Students who apply for the Gamuda Scholarship are not only applying for a university education; they are securing their future with better work opportunities and positive self-development.

Education is no longer seen as a privilege but a right. This ideal is close to Nurul Hikmah’s heart. “I want to champion equitable access to education so that no one is left behind. I want to use my talents my talents and resources to uplift others around me and create positive change,” she shared.

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