Sarawak to introduce coffee brand to penetrate international market


Dr Jerip signs the plaque at the opening of the first MALANDA Coffee Shop branch in Siburan today while Ranum (left) looks on.

KUCHING (May 11): Sarawak is poised to introduce a coffee brand with potential for the international market soon, says Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Dr Jerip Susil.

He said this decision was carefully considered due to the potential and benefits of the coffee, which is already being extensively cultivated in Mambong.

“We aim to cultivate coffee on a large scale, as the Mambong area serves as a dual hub for tourism and agricultural development.

“Previously, we identified a plot of land owned by locals in Kampung Bayur and Kampung Jambu, totalling 1,000 acres, which was previously utilised by the Sarawak Land Custody and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra).

“We will conduct large-scale coffee planting there, with the harvested beans processed and packaged,” the Mambong assemblyman said during the opening of the MALANDA Coffee Shop in Siburan today.

They have undertaken several pioneering projects with the Department of Agriculture, distributing Liberica coffee seeds known for their resilience to plant diseases.

Dr Jerip revealed that he had received invitations from Song, Belaga, and other constituencies to participate in the Liberica coffee planting project.

Previously, the Greater Kuching Coordinated Development Agency (GKCDA) allocated RM8 million for Phase 1 construction – a coffee collection centre – in the estate soon.

Regarding the coffee branding, he explained that leadership discussions are necessary before confirming a suitable brand name.

He was pleased with the encouraging response from villagers and retired civil servants participating in the project.

Locally known as Kopi Katup, the coffee boasts a fragrant aroma, bitter taste, and low caffeine content.

Its advantages include weekly harvestability and flowers capable of producing herbal tea with unique properties.

Also present was acting Siburan district officer Ranum Bari.