Shell Malaysia helping fleet, business owners prepare for subsidised diesel control system


A logistics driver fills his truck with diesel at a Shell petrol station.

KUALA LUMPUR (May 13): Shell Malaysia has been assisting fleet and business owners to get ready for the implementation of the Subsidised Diesel Control System 2.0 (SKDS 2.0), which was officially announced by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) on March 7.

Joanna Lean

Shell Fleet Solutions Malaysia general manager Joanna Lean said Shell is fully prepared and equipped with a knowledgeable account management team to assist fleet owners of any scale in their preparations for SKDS 2.0.

She said Shell emphasises the importance of personal interaction, particularly when facing challenges.

“Our team of experts is prepared to offer assistance throughout the two-step SKDS process. Firstly, it is crucial for businesses to promptly apply for their diesel subsidy quota.

“It is advisable to access the MySubsidi portal at in order to prevent any potential delays.” said Lean said during a Hari Raya celebration attended by some 250 influential figures in the transport industry.

She suggested applying for a Shell Card in order to qualify for the discounted diesel price.

Shell offers businesses a selection of two diesel subsidy cards that are SKDS 2.0-ready. One of the options available is the postpaid Shell Card, which is supported by the Shell Fleet Hub.

This online card management portal provides a convenient way to manage the card and comes with 24/7 customer support for any assistance needed.

Fleet owners seeking a convenient and efficient application process may choose the Shell Cash Card for discounted diesel, specifically designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Lean also mentioned that new sign-ups during this period will receive a special welcome package.

Having over 1,000 Shell retail stations spread across the country, fleet operators can enjoy the added convenience.

Pengangkutan Z&M owner Zainee Awang Damit has chosen the Shell Cash Card for its subsidised diesel due to its convenient and flexible features, as well as the friendly service provided by his preferred Shell station.

The Shell Cash Card for subsidised diesel offers customers the convenience of not having to prepay for their fuel. Additionally, customers can earn Bonuslink loyalty points with every refuel, enhancing their overall experience.

Perceptive Logistics Sdn Bhd, a company based in Port Klang, recently took part in the Government SKDS 2.0 pilot programme, which began on Feb 1, 2024.

They found the experience to be unfamiliar, but appreciated the support from the respective parties.

“It is a great advantage to have Shell’s support during this pilot, especially considering the intricate nature of our fleet operations. With over 250 prime movers and branches spread across Peninsular Malaysia, their assistance is invaluable,” said the company.

Working with the Shell team brings a sense of peace and security, said Haulage Division general manager Annie Goh following the efficient onboarding process of the pilot project for MySubsidi Diesel.

She emphasised the importance of this project for their business, especially in an industry with narrow profit margins.

Goh praised the experienced account manager and customer service team for ensuring a smooth transition.

Shell is positioning itself as the go-to fleet partner in Malaysia as the country prepares to implement SKDS 2.0 and transition to e-invoicing.

No matter the size of business, Shell offers a streamlined, intelligent, and environmentally-friendly solution that is backed by a knowledgeable team.

For more information on Shell Card, go to and for MySubsidi Diesel system application.