Step-by-step guide to transfer funds to Akaun Fleksibel


The EPF has updated its online platform and members can now transfer funds from Account 2 (Akaun Sejahtera) to Account 3 (Akaun Fleksibel) — Malay Mail photo

BINTULU (May 13): All Employees Provident Fund (EPF) members under the age of 55 will have their accounts restructured into three accounts namely Akaun Persaraan, Akaun Sejahtera and Akaun Fleksibel.

The EPF has updated its online platform and members can now transfer funds from Account 2 (Akaun Sejahtera) to Account 3 (Akaun Fleksibel).

Akaun Fleksibel is designed to meet members’ short-term financial needs. Savings in Akaun Fleksibel can be withdrawn by members at any time, subject to terms and conditions.

Members can make withdrawals from Akaun Fleksibel at any time for any purpose, subject to a minimum withdrawal amount of RM50.

Applications for withdrawals from Akaun Fleksibel can be made online through KWSP i-Akaun or at any EPF branch nationwide. Members who have yet to register with KWSP i-Akaun are encouraged to do so in order for withdrawal transactions from Akaun Fleksibel to be made.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to perform a one-time transfer

The withdrawal can be done through the KWSP i-Akaun app which is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery.

Step 1: After launching the KWSP i-Akaun app, you should see an updated home screen with the banner “Akaun Fleksibel: Meet today’s goals, shape tomorrow’s dreams”. Click on “Learn more”.

Step 2: The app will give a visual explanation of the new EPF account restructuring, including Account 3 (Akaun Fleksibel), the distribution rate and the option for initial amount transfer. Click “Next” to continue.

Step 3: The app will then highlight the option for initial amount transfer. You may opt for the initial amount transfer from May 12 to Aug 31, 2024 and this selection can only be made once, and it cannot be cancelled.

Step 4: If you’re sure you want to make the one-time transfer, you’ll need to make a final member’s declaration by reading the terms and conditions.

You’ll need to click ‘Accept’ and then ‘Yes’ to confirm your decision. Once the transfer is complete, you’ll see a confirmation page with a confirmation number.

EPF also provided a step-by-step guide for Guide for initial amount transfer and withdrawal application via KWSP i-Akaun.


You can read the FAQ on EPF website to learn more about this one-time option for EPF members. These are three scenarios:

To learn more you can go to EPF Account Restructuring page at .