Dead juvenile dolphin found beached in Lundu


Fanddy looks over the dead juvenile dolphin waiting for the authorities to arrive. – Photo courtesy of Andrew Lo

KUCHING (May 23): A dead juvenile dolphin was found washed up on the beach front of the Union Yes Retreat and Training Centre@Siar in Lundu today.

According to Sarawak Bank Employees Union (SBEU) chief executive officer Andrew Lo, who operates the centre, said the dolphin’s carcass was discovered by a staff member Fanddy Ahmad Rosli.

“Our side has already made a report to the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC),” he told The Borneo Post.

“The staff said it was dead and we do not know what exactly is the species. To us it was a baby dolphin,” he added.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Fanddy said he immediately called the SFC after discovering the carcass around 2.20pm, adding that the carcass appeared to have a wound on it.

“I don’t know how the wound was inflicted and it be caused by a sharp object or by the coral reef,” he said.