Wednesday, October 20

Welfare Department gives cooked food as immediate assistance


KUCHING: Flood victims from Rumah Steward Belintang in Roban, who were forced to take shelter at an evacuation centre, were given immediate assistance in the form of cooked food by the state Welfare Department.

Welfare, Women and Family Development Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah said distributing immediate aid had always been the department’s top priority the moment it was informed of the natural disaster.

“The first thing they will do when there are evacuations of flood victims is to dispense ready cooked food and only later on the department will give out dry rations, including rice, instant noodles, canned food, biscuits, cooking oil, sugar, tea or coffee,” she said.

She also confirmed that as of noon yesterday, 89 victims from 27 families had been evacuated to the evacuation centre at Roban civic centre.

“These figures are based on the statistic the department receives every four hours,” she told a media conference here yesterday.

She added that those evacuated so far were victims from Rumah Steward Belintang and the nearby housing for the hard core poor. She revealed that this was the second time the longhouse was hit by floods with the first reported on Jan 10.