Help! someone blocked access to my house

The neighbour’s car parked in front of the gate.

I have read with interest your news story highlighting the problem faced by a resident of Laman Bong Chin, Off Rock Road, which was published on page 8, 24 August, 2014, entitled ‘Residents upset part of access road taken up by developer’s retaining wall’.

I concur with what was asserted in the said article, and I am writing to you with the hope that you will give your kind consideration to publish this letter as I am facing a similar problem pertaining to the obstruction to the access of my house and also the gate to the house that blocked my access was not built in accordance with the approved plan at Lorong 1G1, Phoning Garden, Off Jalan Song.

Actually I have been facing this problem since two years ago, and after having lodged my complaints to the relevant agencies for help, sadly until today there is no solution.

My other neighbours and I are afraid that someday people would climb onto the car to get into our houses’ compound to steal.

I have also talked to the neighbour concerned, but he remained adamant to park his three cars causing problem for me to access my own house.

I personally went to MBKS office and met with the officers regarding the problem and formally registered my complaint with the Datuk Bandar on 23 July, 2013.

Thereafter, I followed up with another letter dated 12 November, 2013, to enquire about the status of my complaint, but there was no news or reply forthcoming at all.

Now, almost more than one year has lapsed, and I am still in the dark as to what happens next. On 3 July, 2014, I have, through a MBKS councillor, extended a copy of the above letters to the Datuk Bandar with the hope that the matter will be brought to his personal attention.

Feeling frustrated for not having any response from MBKS, I also enlisted the help of a state assemblyman, and he wrote a letter to the Datuk Bandar on 15 December, 2013, but his letter did not receive any response from MBKS, too.

On 12 December, 2013, I reported to the state government’s public complaint service, known as TALIKHIDMAT, on the matter, but no one from MBKS bothered to call me.

Recently, another problem cropped up whereby my other neighbours started to plant vegetation and fruit trees along both sides of the road, which in due course will pose problems to us such as falling leaves and branches.

What perplexed me is that all this while the government is campaigning ‘RAKYAT DI DAHULUKAN’  but it seems there is still a certain government agency that does not care to respond with urgency on what is besieging the common people.  I am also told that several complaints have also been made regarding a car air-condition outlet situated at Bangunan Dirgahayu along the junction of Jalan Batu Lintang/Jalan Mendu/Jalan Tabuan at Simpang Tiga for the last several years, and there is also no answer to the residents’ complaints as well.

As loyal residents in the MBKS jurisdiction, we pay our assessment rate promptly each year, and hence we expect MBKS to attend with urgency to our genuine complaints, or at least respond to our letters.

I sincerely hope that MBKS will solve the problem that my family faced in the soonest possible.


A Resident under MBKS jurisdiction

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