Sunday, September 27

Time to create new chapter, Cantonese community told


SIBU: Second Finance Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh has called on the Cantonese community here to open the next chapter of development after their forefathers who settled here created the opening chapter.

Speaking at the Kwong Wai Siew Association’s Chinese New Year celebration on Tuesday, he said their forefathers from Guangdong Province had built their home in Sibu, and it was the duty of the descendants today to continue with the community building.

Wong, who is also the Minister of Environment and Public Health, said the Chinese community had all shared the treasured historical development.

“From toiling this land, our affection and love have sprouted in this land. Let us work together to make Sibu a more beautiful home.”

For the sake of their community, he said they should not stop at where their ancestors had started.

Looking back, he said, it was the bond of the community with others that had helped them see through hardship.

In the Chinese New Year celebration now, he said the members should look forward with renewed hope.

For example, he said, spring cleaning should not only be for cleaning up the surroundings, but one that involved inner cleansing.

For Sibu’s development, he said the people must have the same mentality – new hope and new aspirations for the new year.

“There might be countless problems to tackle together, but, we must work together for solutions.

“Be calm. Put self interest aside and work in the renewed hope for the community.”

For Kwong Wai Siew Association, he advised the committee members not only to plan for their community but they must also bring their people out to work with others.

He said this should be part of their next chapter of development.

Wong also installed association members in the celebration. The Women’s and Youth’s sections were also installed on the same night.