FAME International College inks deal with Peking University


PARTNERSHIP: Wee (right) in a group photo with (from left) Jerry (FAME International Beijing), Dr Lim (Singapore), Wang (Peking University), John Riady (Indonesia) and a Peking University officer at the West Gate of Peking University.

KUCHING: FAME International College, previously known as FTMS International College, recently entered into an exclusive agreement with Market Economic Academy, Peking University China to develop and coordinate the Peking University Asean Entrepreneurships Programme.

Chief executive officer (CEO) of FAME International College David Chew revealed in a press release yesterday that the exclusive agreement was made in June this year under the FAME International College initiative.

“The programme is a high level entrepreneurship management programme with participants from all over the world,
allowing the participants to share knowledge and therefore obtain a more open-minded approach to dealing with international markets,” he said.

Congruent with the collaboration, Peking University will be sending top students and alumni to be part of the programme.

“The participants from Peking University are carefully shortlisted to meet strict terms and requirements,” Chew added.

Chew further explained that the entrepreneur programme aims to create a total learning experience.

“The Peking University programme will incorporate not only information regarding the current markets in Asean countries and China but also strategies and philosophies utilised by successful businesses,” he shared.

Furthermore, he said the programme will serve as a platform for all entrepreneurs and top management to interact and exchange ideas.

The workshop will last six to eight days and is targeted to be launched in Jakarta in November, moving onwards to Singapore, Malaysia and the rest of Asean countries.

“The topics covered will differ from country to country since different countries have different cultures that most definitely seep into the way businesses are run,” he said.

“In fact, FAME and Peking University have done studies which discover that different regions adopt knowledge differently. The programme’s content is carefully designed and developed to have a good formation of Peking University modules and some topics will hold the country’s characteristics,” he further said.

High profile international speakers from all over the world including China, Jakarta and the United States, who are experts in their fields, will present their papers at the workshops.

“To ensure the effectiveness of the programme, we are limiting the number of participants to a maximum of 100,” he pointed out.

“This allows participants to interact and share ideas in a comfortable environment,” he emphasised.

In addition to the conference sessions, participants will also have the opportunity to visit world class successful companies and witness first-hand the operations within the organisations.

Managing director of FAME International College Eddie Wee highlighted that the programme will definitely improve knowledge of business workings in different countries, provide networking opportunities and encourage business dealings between Asean countries and China as well as within Asean countries.

Wee further said that FAME and Peking University will continue developing more programmes to develop more young entrepreneurs and professionals to contribute in economic development.

FAME International College is working towards bringing in Peking University’s educative wisdom to enrich lives of the younger generation in Asean countries, encouraging them to build businesses of their own and developing their businesses to be world class successes.

For further information about FAME International College, call the consultants at 082-285777, or visit FAME International College at Brighton Square, Jalan Song (Monday to Friday, 8.30am-9.30pm; Saturday, 8.30am-5.00pm).