Wednesday, May 27

Murder suspects remanded for 7 days, 2 still at large


SIBU: Three suspects, including a couple, nabbed in connection with the death of a man, `Ah Nong’, in a house at Teruntum Road on Thursday have been remanded for seven days, beginning yesterday.

Two male suspects are still at large.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday when six individuals had a drinking session in the house from about 3.30pm to about 1am the following day.

Not satisfied, three of them left to buy more beers, leaving `Ah Nong’, the woman suspect, and another man, already drunk, in the house.

When the trio left, Ah Nong was alleged to have asked the woman suspect to have sex, and she consented.

When the three men returned, the woman was already dressed, but not Ah Nong.

The woman’s husband then demanded RM10 from Ah Nong for the beer, but he refused to pay.

It was believed that the trio, who had gone to buy beers, then assaulted Ah Nong.

Police, alerted of the tragedy on Friday, believed the bricks found near Ah Nong’s swollen body at the car porch could be the murder weapon. Blood stains could be seen on the floor at the car porch and inside the house.