Tuesday, October 26

‘Preserve Chinese traditions and culture’


Kok (second right) officially invites Liew (second left) to attend the official launching ceremony of the Sabah World Hakka Unicorn Convention.

KOTA KINABALU: Chinese communities, especially business operators, have a very important role to play in contributing towards the preservation, education promotion and sustainability of Chinese traditions and culture.

This is especially important in today’s fast moving world of advanced technology where many ancient traditions and cultures are at grave risk of being extinct in the midst of rapid development, hence serious actions and measures must be taken to ensure this does not happen.

According to Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (Sabah branch) first vice-president Datuk Frankie C T Liew, Chinese business operators can do a lot to contribute towards the preservation of traditional Chinese cultures and arts.

“Among them and one of the most important is to give their full support towards projects like the Sabah World Hakka Unicorn Convention, which is an initiative taken by the Sabah Dragon, Unicorn and Lion Dance Association to preserve and promote the traditional Hakka Unicorn Dance.

“Efforts like this must not be ignored and is highly commended because many traditional Chinese art and culture are already facing extinction and one of them is the Hakka Unicorn dance.

“Therefore I salute the Sabah Dragon, Unicorn and Lion Dance Association president, Dr Danny Kok and his team for organising such an important project that will benefit the Chinese community for generations to come,” he said.

Liew said this during a courtesy visit by Kok and his entourage at his office in Bundusan here, to officially invite him to attend the official launching ceremony of the Sabah World Hakka Unicorn Convention on March 27 at the Oceanus Waterfront Mall, here.

Liew, who is also the Putatan Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry president as well as the Sabah Dragon, Unicorn and Lion Dance Association advisor, also pledged his support towards the event and promised to contribute in any way he can.

He also called upon all Chinese business operators to come forward and support the Sabah World Hakka Unicorn Convention as well as other cultural development and preservations organised by Chinese associations.

During the courtesy visit, Kok briefed Liew about the convention and its efforts to determine the true origin and history of the Hakka Unicorn, which will be recorded and compiled by the Sabah Institute of Arts and later on presented and kept by the Hakka Cultural Centre so that the future generations will be able to learn the history of the beautiful art of Hakka Unicorn.

“The convention will also see two Malaysian records being set where we will have the largest Unicorn head made in the traditional way of using bamboos as well as the largest number of Unicorn heads in a single performance,” said Kok.

Eighty-eight Hakka Unicorn troupes will assemble at Oceanus Waterfront Mall to attempt to set the Malaysian record for the biggest number of Unicorn head performance.

Among the participating countries are China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and Taiwan, where Beijing will also be sending a special lion dance troupe from their National Dragon and Lion Dance Department.