Boyfriend turns kidnapper in break up gone sour


MIRI: A 43-year-old man was arrested for allegedly kidnapping his girlfriend after she broke their relationship off today.

Police apprehended the man at the Lutong traffic intersection around 3pm after receiving a call from concerned members of the public who chanced to see the 26-year-old victim waving from a 4WD driven by the suspect.

“Upon receiving the call, our men immediately dashed to the said location where they spotted the vehicle and managed to corner the car on the spot,” said Miri deputy police chief, Supt Stanley Jonathan Ringgit.

It was believed that the suspect and the victim, who also happens to be his niece, had been having an affair over the last six months, and when the victim decided to call the relationship off, the suspect became angry.

Furious, the suspect had driven the 4WD all the way from Belaga to Miri in order to meet the victim. It was said that the suspect had pulled the victim into the 4WD and drove off heading towards Kuala Baram before being caught by police.

Police also discovered a shotgun and a machete within the suspect’s 4WD.

The victim has been sent to Miri hospital for medical treatment for injuries she sustained during her struggle to escape.

The suspect has been detained under police custody at Miri central police station (CPS)to facilitate in their investigation on the case.