Saturday, December 3

SPDP event discusses make-up of councillors


BAU: A Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) Tasik Biru village-to-village programme in Kampung Buso near here on Friday discussed the current line-up of councillors in Bau District Council, which is said to be unfair.

According to SPDP’s recommended candidate for Tasik Biru Datuk Henry Harry Jinep, none of the councillors were picked from the Tasik Biru Malay community despite the fact that members of the community have been strong and loyal supporters of Barisan Nasional (BN).

He said the only Malay councillor in the line-up is not from Tasik Biru, but from a village under the Bengoh constituency.

“Kampung Buso, for example, is known to be a Barisan Nasional fortress in Tasik Biru and yet not represented in the Bau District Council. In fact, none of the 17 councillors from Tasik Biru (out of the total 26) are from the Malay areas.

“This certainly does not reflect the power-sharing concept in Barisan Nasional, and it showed the current leadership in Tasik Biru is not being fair to all,” he claimed.

Henry pledged to rectify the matter and ensure fairness for all communities.

He concurred with suggestions by some village youths for a recreational centre in Bau.

“I hope that when my candidacy as BN candidate is announced, you will vote for me. Let us work together to develop Bau,” he said.

Among those present were Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Tasik Biru chief Datuk Wilfred Nissom, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Tasik Biru chief John Nyigor, SPDP Tasik Biru chief Michael Siten and village chief Sharkawi Bujang.

The event also saw the presentation of SPDP membership forms from members of Kelab Anak-Anak Kampung Buso led by chairman Mohd Sabri Salleh.

Sabri said the club, which will change its name to Belia SPDP Kampung Buso soon, hoped Henry would be picked as the BN candidate for Tasik Biru.

He said Kampung Buso is a known BN fortress, adding the club is ready to be part of the BN’s election machinery.

The Malay community comprises almost 20 per cent of the electorate in Tasik Biru, which is a Bidayuh-majority seat.