Wednesday, November 29

Senari Synergy seeks to enhance ties with media organisations


Jefri (standing left) joins a local performer in a song as members of the media enjoy their afternoon tea.

KUCHING: Senari Synergy Group of Companies and members of the media spent some quality time together over afternoon tea Thursday to further promote and enhance camaraderie.

Senari Synergy Group managing director Jefri Ahmad Tambi expressed thanks and appreciation for the support rendered by the media towards all activities and programmes carried out by the organisation.

“This is actually the first gathering hosted in appreciation of the media for their support all these years. We hope that we can get to know each other better,” he addressed the Media Appreciation Day gathering at a leading hotel here.

Jefri added that he also hoped to work closely with the media in enhancing the brand image of Senari Synergy, which was often mistaken to be affiliated with Assar Holding, Senari Port and even Sarawak Energy.

“One which I personally feel we need to focus on is public awareness and perception of Senari Synergy.

“More often than not, people mistaken Senari Synergy as part of Assar Holding, which we are not as the company has been dissolved, or (mistake us for) Senari Port but obviously we are not. So there’s a lot of mix up,” he said.

“As such, we hope to be able to work with the media closely in this area especially to get our brand image right among the public which will not be possible without the help and support of the media,” he added.

Sharing the progress and status of Senari Synergy, Jefri pointed out that the organisation is currently undergoing an extensive five-year transformation programme in order to become Sarawak’s flagship for provision of oil and gas and its related facilities.

“Since being incorporated in 2010, we have our ups and downs in doing business but in the last two years, we have embarked on a performance improvement programme where we relooked our business as well as our direction,” he said.

“Under this transformation programme, we have set a new vision, mission, strategic thrusts, enablers and core values. It is an offensive strategy for us to penetrate the market,” he added.

Under the four strategic thrusts, Jefri revealed that one of them was to resuscitate and restructure ailing companies under the Group as well as optimise existing assets.

“These companies have seen a good turnaround and we have created a lot of value for these companies which, at one time, were companies which were very much neglected,” he said.

“Money-wise, it has helped us solve thousands of ringgit in leakages as a result of this transformation programme,” he added.

In addition, the Group also aims to explore new business opportunities, enhance processess and governance as well as improve human capital management.

“We have given ourselves five years to be fully transformed where 2016 and 2017 are to set our foundation right and strong, while 2018 and 2019 will see us diversifying our business and hopefully flourish in 2020.”

Jefri shared that the various performance improvement and transformation programmes implemented have been successful and, more importantly, acknowledged by the government.

“We are proud of the achievements and humble to share that not only Senari Synergy, but four of our subsidiary companies have been awarded the Chief Minister’s Industry Excellence Award recently,” he said.