Wednesday, April 24

Wakapolri: Type A prize for the conducive South Kalimantan


BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: Deputy Chief of National Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Wakapolri) Komjen Pol Drs Syafruddin officially confirmed South Kalimantan Police promotion from Type B to Type A at a ceremony in the field of Mako Brimob (Mobile Brigade headquarters) in Banjarbaru, Thursday afternoon, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

“The increase in typology is a reward for South Kalimantan that is very conducive, thanks to the hard work of the Chief of Police and his staff to maintain the situation of public security and order (kamtibmas) and better public services,” Komjen Syafruddin said to reporters after the inauguration ceremony.

Although lack of 9,000 personnel, said Syafruddin, but the spirit of South Kalimantan Police is Type A, so there is no excuse for not granting the proposed increase in typology.

“Regarding the shortage of personnel is reasonable, National Police Headquarters itself is still less 80 thousand personnel because the budget has not been able to fulfill it. Professionality is more important, so the Police Human Resources (SDM) ideally 1 to 500, if the professional 1 to 800 is not a problem. The proof is South Kalimantan successful,” he explained.

Besides the success of maintaining the territorial security condition with internal solidity and synergy with TNI, local government, and other members of regional leader communication forums (Forkompinda) such as prosecutors, court to DPRD, Syafruddin also appreciate the real work of South Kalimantan Police in online-based service.

Such as the Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK) that integrated to all districts and cities. Also commitment to integrity zone development towards Corruption Free Area and Clean Bureaucracy Area Serve in several resort police.

“South Kalimantan Police also achieved many outstanding achievements this year such as the second best as Food Tasks, the first rank of Nusantara Task Force as well as the latest one uncovering the international network of 18 kilogram sabu-sabu, hopefully all motivate to work better,” said the three-star police general.

Syafruddin also asked the spirit of “Waja sampai kaputing” (the heroic motto of South Kalimantan people) must continue to surge in the soul of personnel to carry out the duty of dedication to the community.

The ceremony was also attended by all members of South Kalimantan Regional Leadership Coordination Forum such as South Kalimantan Governor H Sahbirin Noor, the 101/Antasari Provincial Military Comander (Danrem) Colonel Inf Yudianto Putrajaya, Banjarmasin Navy Base Commander (Danlanal) Colonel (P) Wijayanto, Sjamsudin Noor Air Base Commander (Danlanud) Lt. Col. Pnb Abdul Haris, Prosecutor’s Office head Ade Edi Adhyaksa, and DPRD Speaker Burhanuddin.