Wednesday, March 3

‘Syabu’ is most abused drug among addicts – Puspen


File photo of packets of methamphetamine seized by the police.

KUCHING: Methamphetamine, or more commonly known by its street name ‘syabu’ is the most common drug taken in drug abuse cases recorded by the Narcotic Addiction Rehabilitation Centre (Puspen) since 2014.

According to statistics from Puspen, there were 149 syabu abuse cases recorded this year, up from 117 recorded cases last year.

In 2014, there were 143 cases of syabu abuse, while in 2015 (141) and 2016 (132 cases).

There were no cases of amphetamine, ganja and morphine abuse recorded this year, while one case each for nospan, heroine, ketamine and eramin abuse.

Last year, there were three cases related to amphetamine, four cases for ganja and one each for ketamine and nospan.

The statistic also revealed that there were 153 drug abusers admitted to Puspen this year up from 126 last year, 109 of which were secondary school students.